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Kratom Quality and Pricing

We strive to find only the highest quality all year round. We really feel we have a great system in place in order to ensure only the highest quality enters our hands and in turn is passed on to yours. We work hard at providing the lowest possible price without compromising the quality of our products, so you are sure to receive the highest superior quality for the lowest price.

Kratom Maeng Da

We carry all strains of maeng da: red maeng da kratom, green maeng da kratom, and white maeng da kratom. The minimum quantity we offer is 500g of any strain, but if you wish to order all three, we can give you the price for 1.5 kg. Simply order as usual by either ordering 500g of each, and we will adjust the price. Or you can order 1.5 kg of one strain and specify either in the additional notes on check out or send us an e-mail saying which strains you would like to split it into.

Kratom Borneo

Kratom maeng da and borneos are usually the most popular choice. We supply the Red borneo kratom, green borneo kratom, white borneo kratom.

Kratom Thai

Our red thai kratom and white thai kratom strains are recently getting more attention. They are not grown in Thailand but have a similar aroma than the Mitragyna leaf found in Thailand, since it is cultivated near the Thailand border where similar weather and elevations exist.

Kratom Malay

Green Malay, also known as super green malay, or super green malaysian is a very popular product these days. We also have the red malay available.

Kratom Horn

We supply green horn and red horn Kratom in the USA.

Kratom Sumatra

We supply red sumatra, green sumatra, and white sumatra strains which come from a different rain forest than the borneo rainforest, which has a different climate, different elevation, resulting in a unique aroma.

Other Kratom Strains

We are continually looking for new products, visit often to see what kratom strains we add to our inventory. Also look out our other products that we offer, such as Kava Kava and other unique botanicals from around the world.

Buying Kratom in the USA

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